The Beasts

Both Julie and I are suckers for dogs.  We love them and we have a hard time saying no.  We have three of them, in fact.  This would be daunting, except that they weigh a combined 40 lbs.

The oldest is Maddie, our beagle mix.  At this point, she’s been with us for over four years, making her our most tenured dog as well.  When we first got her, she was so timid and shy that she wouldn’t be in the same room with us.
Only on occasion would we see her stick her head out from around the corner, just so she could keep tabs on us.

To say she has come a long way would be an understatement.  She is always around us and looking for attention.  In fact, this post is becoming more difficult to write as she is trying to place her head under my typing hands, begging for pets.



Just a tad younger is our dachshund, Petey.

Petey has been with us for three years now.  Friends of ours had noticed that their neighbors were growing increasingly neglectful of Petey, sometimes even leaving him out in the cold.  Our friends took him in, and we eventually negotiated with their neighbors that we would take him permanently.  As soon as he entered the house he was home.  He is the biggest momma’s boy I’ve ever seen in my life.  His favorite pastime is snuggling up with Julie on the couch (which happens to be his current position).


Finally, there is Holly, our chihuahua mix.  Julie and I woke up one Saturday morning craving donuts.  In our quest for said donuts, we were traveling down a fairly busy street when we saw this small dog running alongside the road.  With nobody else around, how could we not stop?  We pulled over, then continued to spend the next half hour coaxing her out from behind a holly bush (her name comes from this painful experience).  When we corralled her, it was obvious she’d been out for a while.  She was crawling with fleas, so our first bonding experience was over a nice long flea bath.  She took to us almost instantly, making the decision to keep her an easy one.


The three get along great and it is fairly common to see them all snuggled up together.
They are all so gentle that I know that they will be great with a baby around the house.  Petey in particular seems to love babies.  This is weird, I know.  While babysitting for some friends, Petey seemed fascinated.  He was always checking in a giving kisses.  There is no doubt that a little one around the house will not just have loving parents, but also three furry protectors.

P.S. – Julie here. Holly suffers from third dog/new dog syndrome and there are woefully few pictures of her. I’m working to fix that.


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