Julie’s Family

I’d like to introduce you to my family.

DJ, Julie, Larry, and Susan

DJ, Julie, Larry, and Susan

That’s my dad, Larry, and my mom, Susan, in their living room. They’ve been married 30 years this coming May. They still live in the house in which I grew up.

Larry – my dad was a police officer, but resigned that line of work shortly after they found out my mom was pregnant. He went to work for the city government, ending up in the community development office. There he worked on building stronger, safer communities in the town in which they live. That’s where he retired in 2011. After a few months of retirement and driving my mom crazy, he went to work for his church. He’s now the administrative pastor for his church and is very happy doing that. He was a great dad growing up. I remember him being at all of my sporting events and band competitions. He coached volleyball, volunteered with the PTA, and worked concession stands. He always helped me with math homework and is one of the most patient people I know. We would get into screaming matches over algebra, but he always stuck with me, making sure I got it. He has always been supportive of me, even when he had reason not to be. My first semester of college, I failed an anatomy class. I was terrified to tell him, but not for one second was he upset or angry. Whenever I have a fix it problem, he’s usually the first person I call. When we bought our house, he took a week off work to come down and help us with projects around the house. He is going to be a fantastic grandfather and has been on us to have kids pretty much since our wedding. He’s going to be fun and caring and always there for whatever our kids need.

Susan – my mom grew up in a teeny, tiny town in Ohio and moved to Maryland when she was eighteen. She’s the reason I’ve always been bold and not scared to try new adventures. My mom has been in healthcare my whole life and is the reason I went into healthcare myself. As a mom, she was always doing so much for my childhood. She made halloween costumes (there was one dalmatian costume in particular that really stood out), planned awesome birthday parties, and was also active with the most of the organizations I was a part of. I started playing volleyball in  sixth grade and she volunteered with the school league. Sixteen years later, she’s still there, every fall, helping new girls get into the sport. I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t always encouraging me, even when I felt I couldn’t do it. Even now, she’s the one I call in crises (big or small) and she always knows what to say to make it better. She is going to be such an involved grandmother. I think if it weren’t for the three hour drive between us, she’d probably be here every day. Heck, a three hour drive might not even stop her.

Together, they raised one awesome daughter (if I do say so myself). And, together, they are going to make great grandparents.


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