Throwback Thursday: How I Won Our Wedding Ceremony

DJ and I are competitive. We have this weird way of turning most things into a competition. DJ might not always know it’s a competition, but that just means I get an (unnecessary) head start.

One such situation: our wedding ceremony. Most people ask themselves “how do you make a wedding competitive?” Those people just aren’t trying hard enough.

During one trip to DJ’s parent’s house in college, we went to an arcade and won a cheesy little silver bracelet. Over the next three-ish years, we traded this thing off for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, etc. DJ gifted it to me a few months before the wedding and I hid it away in my bedroom, allowing DJ to think I forgot about. Or most likely that I lost it. That probably would have been his assumption.

But, the whole time, I knew exactly where it was and what I was going to do. Packing for the wedding, I didn’t remember jewelry, or a book, or a bunch of other things, but I remembered this bracelet. I pulled the minister aside during the rehearsal and explained my plan. I needed a few moments in the ceremony, before the vows.

The day of the wedding, I walked down the aisle carrying my bouquet and this bracelet. We went through the ceremony and finally the minister announced that I had a special gift I wanted to present to DJ during our ceremony.  Yes, yes I did.

I win.

I win.

I briefly explained the significance of the bracelet and proudly exclaimed my victory. Try as he might, I can’t think of any situation that he could use to top this. The look on his face and the laughter of our friends and family made it totally worth it. And I made him put it on right there.

I think this story pretty well sums us up. We love to laugh and we love competition. When both can be mixed   to make one unforgettable moment? That’s everything.

If you look on his wrist, you can see the bracelet.

If you look on his wrist, you can see the bracelet. And we practiced that dip. A lot.


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