DJ’s Family

Julie has had her turn to talk about her family and now it is mine.

DJ's Family (from the left): Trevor, Brad, Jon, Helen, DJ, Julie

DJ’s Family (from the left): Trevor, Brad, Jon, Helen, DJ, Julie

My parents, Jon and Helen, are both awesome.  They grew up in separate towns outside of Philadelphia.  They met in college where they both were studying to be elementary school teachers and they were married shortly thereafter.  They both found jobs in the same school system in New Jersey, so they packed up and moved to the place they would stay to this day.  They both taught for over 35 years until they retired a couple of years ago.  Teaching so many students over the years in a smaller town, they truly became a staple of the community.  They can’t go anywhere in town without see somebody they know, and they like that (and so does my brother when it gets him out of traffic tickets).

My dad, Jon, was extremely active in my life.  He coached every team I played on growing up.  At different points, he coached my teams in soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball (t-ball, little league, and senior league).  Once I got into high school playing on the soccer and tennis teams, he never missed a game, even they ones that required a two hour drive up the road.  Now retired, he spends most of his time trying to figure out what to do with himself.  A lot of the time is spent playing golf and yelling at the Eagles, Flyers, or Phillies, depending on the season.

My mom, Helen, has had a much easier time adapting to retired life.  She is still the music director and organist at her church, something she has been doing since before I was born.  Unfortunately, she passed none of her musical ability onto myself.  She also teaches piano once a week to a few students.  She is an avid reader, jigsaw puzzler, and likes to work on dollhouses for a hobby.  A lot of her time is spent heckling my father for yelling at the Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies through the TV.

Together, they like to travel.  Since retiring, they’ve cruised to Greece, Russia, Germany, Mexico, and the British Isles.  They also have plans for South America in a month or so.  They both can’t wait for a grandchild.  I know my dad in particular is going to spoil his first grandchild with lots of fun things that no kid would ever need.

I have one older brother, Brad, and coincidentally enough, he is also awesome.  Whereas I am a more analytical and scientific mind, he’s the creative one and got all of the music ability from mom that passed me over.  He graduated college with a degree in Theatre, and has performed in shows up and down the East Coast.  He can act, sing, dance and I’m secretly jealous.  As if this weren’t enough, he’s also written a play that has been performed in a couple of states.

Brad also just got engaged.  He has excellent taste, because his fiancee, Trevor, is one more awesome person to add to the family.  He’s a project planner at a pharmaceutical company, and he does his best to keep my brother grounded, which is not an easy task.  They’re getting married in October, something I’d be more excited about if I didn’t have to wear a suit.

This is my awesome (have I mentioned that yet?) family.  It is truly a blessing knowing that our child will be adopted into such a loving extended family.  Sometimes, I think they look forward to it as much as Julie and I.


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