What I Want to Teach My Daughter

On our Arizona trip, I took a solo road trip to Sedona. A photo friend had sent me directions to a beautiful, secluded shooting spot. The directions involved walking down a river bank, alone, over a rough terrain. On the way down, I kept thinking how terrified I would be if I knew my daughter was doing what I was doing. But when I reached the bend in the river, it was all completely worth it. The view, the location, the experience. On my drive back to Phoenix, I was really thinking about the things I want to instill in my daughter, if I am lucky enough to have one.

I want her to be brave. I want her to never be scared to go after what she wants, be it with someone or alone. I want her to be driven, ambitious, and assertive.

I want her to be adventurous. I want her to live every minute of her life and get as much out of it as possible. I want to travel with her and show her the world and the adventures it has in store.

I want her to be strong. And no matter if she wants to be a CEO, a mother, the President, she can do any of it. She can do all of it. She is strong enough to make it happen.

I want her to be kind. I want her to know that she is part of a greater world and that she can make it a better place, but to do that, she must be kind. And I want her to know that you CAN be kind and strong together.

I want her to like science. Or history. Or art. I want her to love learning and to always be pursuing something new. I want to make sure she knows learning is not limited to books and classrooms.

I want her to know her story and how she became part of two families. I want her to know about her families and how important both families are to her story.

But most importantly, I want her to know she is always loved. That she will be so lucky to have not one, but two mothers that love her. That she will have two mothers that are proud of her, no matter what she does.

And I finally decided, I want her to take solo road trips and do something that scares her.


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