Why We Chose Children’s Home Society

March is National Social Work month, so I thought to honor the wonderful social workers we’ve worked with, I’d write about why we chose Children’s Home Society for our adoption.

Honestly, for me, the biggest answer is you. Choosing an agency to work with was a daunting, weeks-long process. We read more websites, reviews, and blogs than we can remember. And I kept coming back to support for the mother before and after birth and her involvement in her child’s life.

I don’t pretend to have any idea of what you’re going through.  But I know it would make me a wreck and when I found out that CHS provides pre and post-birth counseling, I was relieved. It truly demonstrates CHS’s commitment to helping you develop the best plan for you and your child, no matter what that plan looks like. Their number one concern is making sure the child is well cared for. I didn’t see this with many other agencies in the Central Virginia area. I felt like other agencies were concerned with filling quotas and getting money. I have never once gotten this feeling from CHS. In every meeting, the emphasis has been placed on the well-being of the child above all else.

I want you to be well taken care of because that’s what is going to be best for your child. I can’t wait to meet you, to know you. When we meet, we’ll decide what kind of relationship we want to have, but it is important to me that you are involved in our child’s life (and when I say our child, I mean yours and ours). CHS helps facilitate contact between families, if that is what’s chosen. They believe it’s important for open communication, be it face to face or through the agency.

The post about CHS has kinda sidetracked into an open letter to you. I hope you don’t mind. I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while, I just never knew really how to start it.

I so hope that I get the opportunity to meet you. I think about you, almost everyday. Not about a baby that you may be carrying, but about you. I hope that you are well. I hope that you have someone in your corner that loves you. I hope we get the chance to talk, mother to mother, about your dreams, my dreams, and our dreams for our child. I don’t know you, not yet. But I’m hopeful we’ll meet soon. In the mean time, I’ll keep thinking about you and dreaming about our child.


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