What we’ve been up to

We’ve been slow in updating lately because we’ve had so much going on (but all good stuff).

  • I started a new job two months ago.  I was given notice in December that my lab would be closing in February. Three weeks later, I was offered a position in a molecular diagnostics lab. I was able to finish at my old  job, take two weeks off (hello, Phoenix!), and start my new job fresh.  I really like my new job. The work is fascinating and challenging. My new position is a step up from where I was before and it’s a great place to work. I have so many educational and career advancement opportunities that I didn’t have at my old job.
  • We ran the Monument Ave 10kRace season has begun! We both ran the Monument Ave 10k. The weather was rainy, but it didn’t stop either of us from setting personal records for the race. DJ was in the top 100 of his age group in fact! I took 11 minutes off my time from last year (and couldn’t walk by the end of the race, but I’m getting over that). We’re both registered for at least three more races this year, culminating in my first half-marathon in November. I signed up for it on a whim 4 months ago, so it will be interesting to see how that goes.
At the starting line for the 10k

At the starting line for the 10k

  • DJ’s getting into crunch time with his dissertation.  Six years of hard work is coming down to the next two months. He’s been working so hard and is going to kick ass with his dissertation. Then on July 1, he’ll start his new job in Richmond! We went to Phoenix was for a job interview for DJ. Luckily though, he got a job right where he is now. We are so thankful that we don’t have to move as we love Richmond.
  • Spring is finally here! For us, that means being outside. Our first softball game of the season was supposed to be last night (it only rains on Mondays 😦 ) and kickball will be starting again in a few weeks. We’ve been taking advantage of every nice day with walking the dogs at Belle Isle, Maymont, or one of the other great parks around us. It’s so nice to be outside again and to be seeing people outside again.
  • My parents were here last weekend. My parents visited last weekend to drop their dog, Sadie, off for us to dog sit while they go to Haiti. My dad organized a mission trip through their church for the group to work at an orphanage this week. I’m so happy that they’re there. It’s such a great opportunity for them and I’m glad they’ve taken it.
My dad working at their orphanage in Haiti - I think they're hooked!

My dad working at their orphanage in Haiti today.

So that’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks. Hope you’re enjoying the spring weather!


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