What our days and weeks are like

With this blog, I’m hoping to give you a more dynamic look at our lives than we can provide in a letter. I hope we’ve done a pretty good job of showing you the kinds of things we like to do, but here’s a general overview of what our days are like and what our weeks usually look like:

We wake up around 6. We eat breakfast and usually watch SportsCenter or read the news. We get ready and are out the door around 7:20. I work until 4:30, DJ usually until around 5. We share the dinner making responsibilities. DJ likes to say that if we want to eat well, I cook, but if we want to eat, he cooks. I think he’s selling himself short. When we first got married, Hamburger Helper was about the limit of his culinary skills. In the past six years though, he’s become a pretty good cook and there are some meals of his that I can’t get enough of (chicken burritos, fried chicken cutlet, and he makes the best scrambled eggs). We do different things in the evenings. We usually have something going on at least one night a week, so the nights we are free, we usually relax with a tv show or movie. We’re not night owls and are usually in bed by 10.

For the next few months, Mondays will be softball, Tuesdays will be kickball. I’m a member of a professional organization related to my job that meets once a month on Wednesdays. Mixed in there will be after work activities with our co-workers. On Saturday mornings, we go to the Farmer’s Market. We don’t necessarily buy much, but it’s become one of our rituals that we love to do now.

In between, we are always looking for new things to explore.  We love to discover new places both in and out of the city.  We know that our lives will be flipped upside down when we become parents, but it’s a change we’re looking forward to. We’re so excited about being able to share some of our favorite rituals with our kids though.


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