Lazy Sunday

For as much as we go, go, go, we really enjoy our lazy days and today was a lazy day. After a quick grocery store run, we decided to go pack a lunch and watch the final day of the bicycle races through the city. We set up under a tree on Monument Ave and it was great.

DJ in a tree

There was hardly a tree on our college campus that DJ didn’t climb, so why would he pass this one up?

DJ and Pete-2

We took Petey with us as a reward since we had to cut his nails this morning.

DJ and Julie

We met up with my friend, Cambria, and her husband, John. Cambria is also an AWESOME photographer, so we finally have a great picture of both of us!

As much as I enjoy always going, the slow lazy days are my favorites because we spend them together. After 9 years, DJ really is still my best friend and I’m lucky to get to spend every minute possible with him. He’s going to be a great dad and I can’t wait to see him in that role.


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