Batman or Superman?

A few weeks ago, we were running out of blog topics. We put a call out to our Facebook friends and asked for blog post suggestions. Some were serious, some more fun. This is first from our suggestions and it’s a fun one – Batman or Superman?

Kickball theme night - Julie's the Batman all the way on the left, DJ's the Riddler.

Kickball theme night – Julie’s the Batman all the way on the left, DJ’s the Riddler. Like I said, if a costume is necessary, I’m more than happy to oblige – and I made that one on my own, cape and all.

Julie: Batman, all the way. And for no deep reason. Probably because after school when I was growing up, in addition to Darkwing Duck, Ducktails, and Power Rangers, I would watch The New Batman/Superman Adventures. Except when it was Superman. I just don’t like Superman. I do like Batman though. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are two of those movies that whenever they come on tv, I know what I’m doing for the next two hours. (We also saw The Dark Knight twice in the first three days it came out).

DJ: I’m not a fan of this blog post, mostly because this I think this is a ridiculous debate.  To me, this is equivalent to asking if you’d rather have a lollipop or a kick in the face.  Batman wins.  It is a no brainer.  Superman is too simple.  He has superpowers that make him invincible with the exception of some magic rocks.  And I can totally tell it is you, Clark.  You just took off your glasses.  Seriously.  Give me Batman, who is just a man who surrounds himself with awesome gadgets and Morgan Freeman (who can do no wrong).  I’ll even give him a pass with his voice that makes me get laryngitis just listening to it.  But you should probably get back to me after I’ve seen Ben Affleck.


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