Our kitchen

Our kitchen area is my favorite place in the whole house.  We chose fun, bright colors for the kitchen and the adjoining sunporch that has become our breakfast nook type area. The porch is the room that sold me on this house.

Our (very orange) kitchen

Our (very orange) kitchen

My favorite room in the whole house

My favorite room in the whole house

A confession though. I hate cleaning the kitchen. Abhor it. I love the kitchen being clean, but will play tetris in the sink rather than load (or more in my case, unload) the dishwasher. I will wash utensils on an as-needed basis to avoid messing with the dishwasher. Bless DJ for being diligent about the dishwasher or else we would probably eat from paper plates every night.

In the six years we’ve been married, we’ve moved three times. We moved into our first cute apartment in RVA right after we got married. We moved into a different apartment in a different part of town with about 5 days notice when the aforementioned cute apartment had no heat. And in July 2010, we moved into our first house, our first space that we owned and that we could truly do with what we wish.

Every time we’ve moved, my objective is to always get the kitchen unpacked and functioning first. As long as you have a mattress and boxes of clothes, the rest of the house can come along as it pleases, but the kitchen is the anchor of the house. It’s the room where we usually say good morning after DJ’s lovingly gotten up early with the dogs and I stumble out of bed ten minutes later.

It’s the room that made us buy a reciprocating saw at 8:45pm the night before our new refrigerator was to be delivered because I didn’t know refrigerators came in different heights and we had to cut a cabinet off the wall.

It’s the room where I screamed because there was a spricket on the floor (I don’t do bugs) and DJ wasn’t home. Our first dog, Corky, came wandering lazily into the kitchen and upon deciding he didn’t want to eat the spricket, stepped on it for me.

It’s the room where we’ve prepared so many meals for more friends and family than we can count. We’ve made two Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas dinners, Easter lunches, party food. We’ve made hundreds of cookies to gift to our friends and neighbors.

It’s the room where we’ll make bottles at 1:30am for our babies. We’ll set-up a high chair in the breakfast nook, overlooking the back yard when it’s sunny or when it’s raining or snowing. It’s the room where I’ll make our kids’ first birthday cakes. It’s the room, in the house, where we will be parents.



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