Annual Beach Getaway

Hey there.  Julie and I are sorry it has been a long time since we have checked in.  We’ve been out and about and the blog got away from us for a little while.  These past few weeks have been a little bit crazy.  The highlight was the four days we were able to spend at the beach back in my hometown in New Jersey.  We usually try to get there at least once a summer, crashing at my parent’s house.  This year was a little different.  While we did stay at my parent’s house, my parents weren’t actually there.  They were off cruising the British Isles.  For the first two nights, we weren’t alone though.  My brother and his fiancee came down and spent the weekend with us.  It is always good to catch up with them.  The highlight of our time together had to be flying a kite in 20 mph winds.  This doesn’t sound too terrible, but this thing dragged us up and down the beach as we held on for dear life.

Cape May 7-20-14-1000300

After my brother and his fiancee left, it was just the two of us left alone in my parent’s big house.  It was a little bit eerie, to tell the truth.  But we still were able to make the most of our trip.  We spent one day walking the boardwalk, playing some skeeball and video poker, and having fun at a local waterpark.  It was most spectacular.



All too soon, our trip was over.  We did overlap briefly with my parents.  My parents got back from the airport at 2am, and Julie and I left New Jersey by 10am.  However brief, it was nice to see them and spend one breakfast together.

Overall, it was a fun and relaxing trip, but there was one thing Julie and I both noticed.  Traveling around town, we would see many families on their summer vacation.  We both starting dreaming up all the things that we love about that town that we can’t wait to share with our child.  We can’t wait to build sandcastles, fly kites, ride waterslides, and play skeeball with our child.  I guess you could say we’re head over heels for it (I’m practicing my dad jokes already).

The art of the cartwheel

The art of the cartwheel


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