Sooo…our bad. Yes, it’s been four months since we’ve updated. Wish I could say it was for a good reason, but it was really just life. Life’s been just a lot of normal the past few months, but here’s quick recap anyway:


SC: The middle of August, I passed another certification exam for my job. I was certified as a generalist to work in any lab area, but this certification makes me a clinical chemistry specialist. I’m not working in a chemistry lab now, but the certification is nice to have and I was #1749 to pass the test…ever. The test has only a 50% pass rate, so I was very happy.

DJ’s Job: DJ started his residency at a local hospital. He loves it. He works with patients and treatment planning every day. Not only does he love it, he’s good at it. As in, really good. He’s quickly earned the trust and respect of the senior physicists in his department.  (I made him stand by the tree for his first day of work)


Photography: I had two photographs displayed at a local art show, which was also benefitting the dog rescue group I’ve been volunteering with. I’ve done their photography for a few years, but this year I also designed their holiday card and I’ve been running their Facebook page.Maddie Bug


In September, my dad came to visit as he won third prize in the employee and family art show held at our hospital! One of the pictures he took during their mission trip to Haiti was chosen as third place in the amateur category.


I also started a sign language class and kickball started again.

DJ’s brother got married! The wedding weekend was a whirlwind – we left at 6 on Saturday morning, went to my hometown in MD for the funeral of a friend, then went to NJ for the wedding, then Monday morning back to my hometown for a high school soccer game, then home around 11pm. The wedding was beautiful and we’re so happy to have Trevor officially a part of the family. (And I must say that DJ looked so dapper in his pink bow tie)

Of course, there was halloween. We didn’t know if we were going to do it this year, then we realized, who are we kidding? We’ll dress up. Shrek and Fiona it is.


Whoa. November was a whirlwind for us.

We worked the election the first week of November (we are the chief officers for a new precinct starting this year).

We went to see our favorite band together one last time during their farewell tour.

Two days later, we ran the Bay Bridge in Annapolis for the Across the Bay 10K.


6 days later, I ran my first half marathon! I didn’t break any speed records, but I finished and in under three hours, which I was super happy about it. It was such an overwhelming feeling. I trained every weekend from August to November, so it was definitely as much a mental thing as it was physical! (And to be honest, if you give me a medal, I’ll do just about anything).


DJ had minor surgery the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I say a minor surgery, but the outcome was major. DJ has had a hearing aid in one ear for about two ears. Take your thumb and plug your ear canal – that’s what his ear was like. The doctor that diagnosed the hearing loss didn’t completely work it up and, frankly, accepted not knowing the cause. DJ switched insurance when he started his new job and his new doctor was able to diagnose the cause within two minutes of reviewing his chart. A quick, 30 minutes surgery to replace the little bones in his ear and his hearing is back to (almost) normal – definitely no more hearing aid! We had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Now it’s December and the holidays are beginning. Let’s not make it another four months before an update. 🙂


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