There’s no day like a SNOW DAY!

I LOVE snow! In high school, I worked at a ski resort. The best part was unlimited free skiing – yes! I just love snow. I grew up about 3/4 mile from a school with the best sledding hill and every snow day, all the neighborhood kids would layer up and trudge over there, not coming home until we were wet, freezing, and exhausted. Then we’d watch movies and have hot chocolate, then wake up the next morning and repeat.

Last night, it snowed here. And not just a little snow, a real snow! DJ and I both went to work. Since we don’t have kids yet, we like to go to work whenever we can to make it easier for the parents we work with to stay home (paying it forward never hurt, right?) But when we got home, we suited up and sprinted to the back door like kids.

The snow is almost as deep as Petey is tall - good thing he has a taller guy to carry him.

The snow is almost as deep as Petey is tall – good thing he has a taller guy to carry him.

Maddie's a little snow princess.

Maddie’s a little snow princess.

Obligatory snow selfie with Holly

Obligatory snow selfie with Holly

Snow 2-17-15-2674

"I call this the LeBron"

“I call this the LeBron”

Two guys, playing in the snow.

I seriously couldn’t love these guys anymore.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Brrr! Yesterday was a cold Valentine’s. Running a 10k in su freezing temperatures probably didn’t help, but hey, what’re you gonna do?

We registered for this race in November – a 10k, a medal (I’ll do anything for a medal), and post race wine and chocolate. What’s not to love? The weather. Of course this is the coldest weekend of the season so far.

We got to the race in New Kent around 8:15 for a 9:15 start. We waited in the car, then decided to head for my pre-race warmup in the port-a-potty line. While standing in the ages-long line in a 15* wind chill, I said to DJ “I wouldn’t mind if we left and didn’t do the race”. We both nodded and took off for the car. Halfway there, while trying to justify our decision to bail to ourselves (“we’re grownups, we can do what we want”), we wondered if maybe we could do just the 5k. After all, we had driven all that way. So we turned around and sprinted back to the start line. Once we were there, we were warmed up and DJ said “welllll…I think I might do the 10k”. Dammit. That meant I should too. (Like we mentioned earlier – competitive. I couldn’t let him beat me distance wise.) So we sucked it up and ran the 10k. And it wasn’t that bad.



Part of our motivation was the post-race meal. We have a tradition of a big, unhealthy breakfast after races and yesterday it was a pancake breakfast (RVApancakelove), benefitting the food bank.


The rest of the day was nice and low key – the way we wanted it. We made lobster macaroni and cheese as our celebratory Valentine’s dinner, then watched a movie. For us, it was perfect.

Today we’re not leaving the house. We both have books we want to finish and some movies to watch and soup is going into the pot here soon for dinner. A perfect cold weather day.

Hope everyone’s staying warm this weekend.

P.S. – they’re calling for serious snow here this tomorrow night – please do a snow dance! I love the snow and we haven’t had much yet this winter. I can’t wait to take our kids in the snow – it’s a good excuse for grown ups to act like kids too. So if you have a snow dance, please do it!


P.P.S. – today’s my grandfather’s birthday! My mom, my cousins, my aunts, and I hatched a plan to make sure he got as much recognition as possible – he got an ad in the paper and at last count he’s gotten 60 birthday cards!


Picture Dump – 2005 Edition

It’s 2015, which means that this year is ten years of my life I won’t get back that DJ and I have been together. We’ve taken, well, I’ve taken, soooooo¬†many pictures in these last ten years. Here’s a sampling of some of the earlier ones.


Our first official picture together – we’d been together about two weeks and I was in the throes of mono.



My first trip to Cape May. DJ still busts out those glasses (with no glass in them) when he’s in a mood. This restaurant is Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, a must-stop for every trip home.



Visiting the Cape May County Zoo. Those glasses stayed on the whole weekend.



Our first trip to Boston. This was right before ice skating in Boston Common.

Xmas tree

The Salisbury University Honors Christmas Ball 2005.



New Year’s Eve 2005.


New Years 05 034

Isn’t this how every spends New Year’s Eve?