About DJ

  • I’m not the creative one in the relationship.  I feel no shame in blatantly ripping off Julie’s “About Me” style.
  • My family also comes first.  Semicolon.  What?  Are we not just putting punctuation marks at the end of statements?
  • I’m finishing my PhD in radiation physics.  It has the double bonus of sounding impressive and being easier than regular physics.
  • I run, play basketball, and squash.  The last one is the preppiest thing about me.
  • I play in a kickball league with grown adults.  I won an award for my defensive prowess.  Are my parents proud?  You bet they are.
  • Red is my favorite color because it is the best color.  It is.  Fact.
  • My favorite TV show of all time is Arrested Development.  I tend to quote it regardless of whether anyone around me has seen it.
  • I listen to the same music I listened to in high school.  Punk rock mostly.  Alkaline Trio would be my favorite.
  • Mushrooms are gross.  Fact #2.
  • I grew up at the beach in South Jersey.  It’s not like what you think of when somebody thinks about New Jersey.
  • Growing up at the beach, I had awesome summer jobs.  I worked at a Jet Ski rental and a dolphin watching speedboat.
  • I sew.  I took a class in high school because it had a favorable male to female ratio.  I ended up winning a best advanced sewer trophy.  It is my most cherished trophy.
  • My parents are retired teachers.  They are just as eager for grandkids as we are for kids.
  • My brother is an actor and recently engaged.  He’s awesome.  You’d like him.
  • I’ve decided to read Time’s list of 100 greatest English language novels.  I’m about 40% through in 27 years.  This could take a while.
  • I love caffeine and carbonation.  I generally pay the 92 cents for my cafeteria soda in exact change.
  • I love animals. I’m a sucker for a good petting zoo.  Who wouldn’t want to pet a pony?
  • I drive a scooter to work.  It packs a mean 50cc engine under the seat.

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