About Us


Hi, we’re DJ and Julie. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us.

We met in college and married just after graduation. We moved to Richmond in 2008 so DJ could go to graduate school. Julie has been working in a medical laboratory for the past five years. We own a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with a large fenced in backyard. Our neighborhood has a diverse mix of young couples, retirees, and lots of kids. It’s a friendly neighborhood where every evening you see someone out in their yard or out walking their dog. That’s good, because we love dogs. We’ve had dogs since we’ve been married and currently have two little ones – Maddie, a beagle mix and Petey, a dachshund. Both are very friendly and looking forward to a little sibling they can watch out for.

Adoption has always been in our plan. We’ve been married for five years and are looking forward to the next step in our lives – becoming parents. As parents, these are some of the more important things we look forward to giving our child:

  • Love – We have been together since we were nineteen and love each other more now than we did then. Two weeks after we met, we decided that we were going to get married. The crazy part? Three years later, we did just that. Like any relationship, ours isn’t perfect (DJ eats like a teenager and Julie has a tendency to leave her socks on the couch), but we always love each other and our child will be no different.
  • Family – We were both raised in loving homes with parents who have been married for 30 years. Those same parents are going to make fantastic grandparents. Julie’s grandparents are also anxiously awaiting their first great-grandchild. We both have large extended families and lots of friends. Our families include steps and adopteds, but none of those prefixes matter. Our first Thanksgiving in our house, we hosted 18 family members, from 4 different states. We had to rent an extra table and chairs and it was the best Thanksgiving we’ve ever had. Our child will never be short on family. We even hope to give him or her the opportunity to be a big brother or big sister one day.
  • Laughter – DJ thinks the day is wasted if he isn’t able to quote a movie or TV show and, much to her dismay, Julie usually can’t help laughing. We spend much of our time making each other laugh and enjoying each other’s company. We think life is easier with laughter and the rare times we argue, it usually ends with us laughing. We look forward to laughing with our child and helping him or her find the fun in life.
  • Education – Education is one of the more important aspects of our lives. We both work in the medical field which requires constant learning as it is always evolving. Outside of our professional lives, we love learning by trying new things. Julie takes photography and foreign language classes. The photo bug really got Julie when she was an exchange student to Germany in high school. She shot 24 rolls of film in 18 days. DJ can often be found in the quilt book section of the library, a hobby he picked up when he realized his high school sewing class enjoyed day-long field trips to Jo-Ann’s and a favorable female to male ratio. He can’t wait to start working on a quilt for our little one.
  • Experiences – Our goal is to get as much out of life as possible. When asked what we’re doing any given weekend, the answer is rarely nothing. Since we’ve been together, we’ve visited 16 states, the Virgin Islands, and Asia. In June 2011, we traveled to Delhi, India to volunteer in an orphanage for two weeks. This was one of the most meaningful experiences of our lives. The memories we made while we were there are irreplaceable. We are looking forward to instilling a desire to help others in our child and hope to be able to take more trips such as these as a family.

Our day-to-day activities include playing kickball, softball, and taking our dogs to the park. DJ plays squash and basketball with his friends and Julie spends time behind her camera. During the spring, we train for the Monument Ave 10k. Our summers are spent at the river, the beach, and rooting for Phillies baseball. Philadelphia sports are going to be a big part of our child’s life. The fall is about football and the holidays. Wintertime is filled with skiing, sledding, and spending time with family and friends by the fire. We can’t wait to include our child in all these parts of our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Please look around our blog and feel free to contact us if you want to learn more. We can only imagine how difficult the decision before you is. We hope something that you’ve seen has resonated with you and that we’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn more about you.


DJ and Julie

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